A home gym is essential and worth having; if you need to stay healthy, strong and gain back your body shape. Though this may sound easy, choosing the right equipment needs a lot of consideration. Below is a list of fitness equipment, which we think will best serve you at home.

Power Rack

The equipment is convenient for building up your muscles and making your body generally strong.

The power rack is also known as the squat rack. The power/squat rack fosters for heavy squats and overhead presses. There are several squat racks with pull up bar reviewed here. When one needs to shop for the best power rack, a number of factors have to be taken into consideration.This is because of the many manufacturers who have flocked the market with different qualities of power racks. These quality factors include:

  • Size of the power rack – The size is crucial as you have to choose that allows room for the overhead presses and occupies the space reserved for it.
  • Accessories offered by the manufacturer – The manufactures who offers power racks with accessories liked by many are preferred to the others.
  • Anchor holes – The power racks with anchor holes are better than those which do not allow for foundation anchoring.
  • Adjustments and easiness – A power rack that is easy to operate and adjust should be bought. It should be fast and the one that suites best your needs.
  • Stabilizer – The best power rack should have a stabilizer on its bottom. This stabilizer is in the form of bars which aid to make the rack stable and at the same time hinder it from getting to hit the legs and bench.
  • Shipping cost and methods – This is crucial for those who have to import or transport the power racks from other countries/states. The parts should be removable and easy to fix to their right positions. The shipping costs should also be cheaper and affordable.

A Rowing Machine

The rowing machine will assist in building the muscle tones and improving cardiovascular system of your body. The equipment strengthens the general functionality of the cardiovascular system. A rowing machine in your home gym will make your joints and bones strong. As a result, preventing one from and getting rid of the common problems and that arise on joints.

Air Bike

The air bike is another equipment that should not miss in your home gym. The air bike makes one resistant and improves the cardiovascular system. The equipment allows one to change the resistance with the pace he/she pedals the bike.


A treadmill will let you run miles daily while at home. These daily miles improve the general body health.

Adjustable dumbbells

The adjustable dumbbells in your home gym will make you strong. These dumbbells are of varying weights-ranging from 5 to 52.6 pounds and one is supposed to change the weights for every new attempt.

An ab wheel

An ab wheel is among the equipment that will help flatten your tummy. This ab wheel forms the basis of one being flexible .If one does excess of exercise with it, can make one stay indoors the following day.

Elliptical machine

An elliptical machine is another equipment you should consider purchasing for your home gym. This allows one to exercise comfortably while doing something else; like reading or watching some series. This machine can substitute the treadmill. In this machine there is a gliding motion which favors ones with back and joint problems.

Weight-lifting bench

A weight lifting bench should also be included in the home gym. It allows one change positions as he/she lifts various weights.

Exercise mat

An exercise mat as the name suggests, provides a conducive space for one to carry out push-ups and stretches. The two-push-ups and stretches, help in making the body flexible.

Foam roller

A form roller is among the equipment that will serve a great deal for the tight muscles and those with muscle knots.

The above equipment are the best according to the survey and research conducted by us. If you want to purchase some, contact us and we will gladly give out more detailed recommendations.