Some of the best security systems available on the market today are smart security devices that connect your home Wi-Fi network by using an app on your smartphone. You can control your security system and monitor what is going on at your house. This type of technology is cutting-edge and far superior to traditional home security systems. Entry level systems will include a motion detector, window sensors, and central hub that works in unison with your smartphone.

Wireless Protocols Supported:

  • Z-Wave
  • Zigbe
  • eWi-Fi
  • And Proprietary Mesh Networks

Some Comprehensive Systems Include:

  1. Garage Door Openers
  2. Indoor/Outdoor Surveillance Camera
  3. Sirens/Lights
  4. CO/Smoke Detectors
  5. Door/Window Sensors and Locks

The best Smart security systems will also work in unison with your ability to modify the system. For example, you program the system to have the lights on when any motion is detected, unlock doors when the smoke alarm is triggered, and start recording when a sensor is activated. The video is recorded locally on certain systems on a solid state drive or SD card, while others provide cloud storage. Having your video stored locally is practical if you’re on a budget, however, be careful not to overwrite a recording that you may want later. Using a cloud-based storage system does make it convenient to access recorded video and store files but it can run in the hundreds a year depending on the subscription.


What is Home Security Worth?

The higher-end models will come with a permanent wall-mounted panel that serves as a communications hub and a touch-screen that does everything the app does on your smartphone. They also communicate with your monitoring service when the system is triggered. It’s always best to read reviews from consumers already using the system and by performing an adequate online research. Check out this web for more information on the best security systems for home protection.

Benefits Of Using an App-Based Surveillance System

The biggest benefit is the ability to have your own personal command center at your fingertips. You can disarm and arm the system, delete and add components, create the rules, and receive notifications when the system is triggered. Smartphone apps allow you to record video, live view, change thermostat settings, unlock and lock doors, and silence alarms. Certain apps will even use your phones GPS location to automatically disarm and arm the system by using your physical location.