mobile phoneOne of the most progressive technological fronts is the mobile phones industry. Unlike in the past when mobile phones were made for the primary purposes of making and receiving calls, there seems to be almost no limit to what these gadgets can do nowadays. This makes them quite personal and necessary as most people actually rely on them for serving everyday tasks.

However, in some instances, the necessity for accessories for the purposes of improving the phone’s capability and to make it better and safer has risen. The diversity of these seems to have no limit.

Here are some of the best and most stylish mobile accessories for 2014:

1. The Olloclip 4-in-1 iPhone lens
This stylish accessory is ideal for people looking to take higher resolution photos using their iPhone, as well as a series of other Apple products. It comes in a compact design that saves you the trouble of having to carry around four lenses. At a glance, it strikes you as a double-faced camera. However, it contains within it two extra 10X and 15X macro lenses which are revealed when you unscrew the outer two.

Its most prominent feature is perhaps the wide-angle lens which allows the photographer to cover a wider area in a photo as opposed to when using iPhone’s camera. The fish-eye lens too is quite unique and fun to use as it allows you to take “convex-like” photos, revealing a wider area and much more details.

2. Portable solar chargers
Portable mobile battery chargers are not a new concept. Made out of necessity in answer to drained batteries, these accessories lacked style and creativity. However, the Cobra’s CPP portable power series has come up with portable mobile chargers with much better and more convenient features. Taking into consideration that a user may not always have access to an electricity outlet, Cobra has made these chargers capable of recharging your battery to the brim using solar power. This makes them ideal for activities like camping and others that may see you unable to access electricity.

3. The yellow jacket stun gun case
Another stylish, convenient and creative addition to safety accessories, the yellow jacket stun gun case is basically a stun gun wrapped around your phone. It comes with a 650K volt electrode capable of immobilizing even the most aggressive attacker. However, one may wonder about where it can summon such power.

The best thing about this stun gun is that it comes with its own battery which in addition to supplying the much needed power to serve its purpose, can be used to recharge the phone’s battery for up to 20 hours. It further ensures that it conserves about 10% of this power to serve its purpose when needed, even when the phone’s battery is flat out. For your safety, the yellow jacket stun gun case comes with several safety catches to ensure you don’t end up accidentally electrocuting yourself. These include among other things a cover for the electrode.

4. The Martian Notifier
The Martian notifier is basically a smart watch capable of reflecting all the notifications sent to your smartphone. For looks, it is an elegant analog wrist watch, a feature that casts doubt about its capabilities into many people’s minds. It however comes with an integrated OLED readout that makes all that possible.

This thus allows you to read all notifications sent to your smartphone without having to take it out of your pocket at all. The notifications will range depending on what’s showing on your smartphone, including the caller ID, the weather, facebook and twitter, email and even bank alerts.

5. The anti-microbial Nue Vue case
This is a phone cover with a difference. This case has it all and a bit more considering the usual that comes with other stylish phone cases. It goes beyond the simple but vital task of protecting your phone’s screen and the phone itself from damage. It kills any germs on your gadget due to its anti-microbial feature. This ensures that your phone is not only super clean, but that you too stay safe from germs.

When it comes to looks on the other hand, this accessory beams with elegance, adding a unique and mystique look to your smartphone. The best thing about it however is the fact that it is very affordable considering what it offers to the user. It is however limited for iPhones 4 through to 5S and the iPad.

6. The Izzi Slim iPhone case
This case is popular not for its primary purpose, but for its capability to take much higher resolution pictures. This is because it comes with four photo lenses attached to it. These lenses can be used in place of that of the phone to take much better quality and high resolution photos.

The lenses include one 1800 fish eye lens that lets you capture much more details from a snap, a 2X telephoto lens and a .67X wide-angle lens. A macro lens is also available, but you will have to first unscrew the wide angle lens.

7. The Flir One
This mobile accessory is an exemplary work of science as it is able to perform a seemingly complex task using your iPhone’s platform. It is basically a thermal imaging device compatible with the iPhone 5. It comes with a camera capable of taking much better quality and high resolution photos when compared to the iPhone’s lens.

It also features another invisible thermal camera capable of taking high quality thermal images. Users will find this very convenient, especially during the night. In addition to this, the Flir one also offers users different colour palettes to offer different angles and diverse views of the image. This of course makes this the ideal phone case for the iPhone 5 for most users.

This is just a glimpse of the different stylish and convenient mobile accessories for 2014. There is almost no limit to what you can find in the market depending on your needs. These are however just some of the options to go with if you are looking for stylish and trendy. In many ways, these are the products that enhance the performance of your mobile.